10 March 2010

Loreal Youth code

I have been using this cream for like over a month now,so Its fair to say that can share my opinions.As soon as I superdrugs tweet saying that this was out,my finger got slightly out of control and the next thing I know im tracking my order.I didnt buy this when it was £15.I waited a few days until it went down to £10.But now im not sure what the actual price is.Tesco sell it for £10 as standard,savers sell it for £8.99 on special but it will be going up to £9.99 after.Where as superdrug and boots are saying £9.99 save £5!!!
who knows what the real price is anymore.I picked another one up yesterday in savers so its all good.

I read somewhere a while back that this cream is aimed at people in their 20s to early 30s.Not sure how true that is,but thought I would share it with you anyway.
So like I said I have been using this cream for over a month now,and I love it.Apparently its taken 10 years of research for Loreal to come up with this formula.That alone sold me.......
well that and the fact I spotted the word radiant on the box.

Another thing that sold me was the fact you can use this as a day and night cream,so it leaves you with a bit of cash spare to spend of other things you don't actually need.
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The product itself comes in a 50ml glass jar.It also has a stopper inside the lid so you don't get any cream leaking out.
I found I didn't need to use a lot of the product after the initial excitement of just slapping it on.I think I got a tad over excited with how much I was using in the beginning,but It still lasted me 7weeks considering Im using it day and night.I reckon my new jar will last a bit longer.

The moisturiser itself is quite rich.You can feel how moisturising it is from first use.It doesn't leave you greasy.It kind of just melts into the skin

I use this in the morning and before I go to bed.I literally just dab a dot on my forehead, cheeks nose and chin,then rub it all in.
I have definitely noticed a change in my skin whilst using this,and so have others.Im not old at 23 but my skin is looking rather radiant if I do say so myself,Its also softer and smoother.

As well as the day cream,the youth code range also includes an eye cream,and a rejuvenating anti wrinkle concentrate.

Im glad that my impulse to buy things never failed me this time

Have any of you tried this or any of the other products from the youth code range?



  1. Ooh this looks INTERESTING!

  2. I was interested in getting this, I'm using Nivea Q10 at the moment but once thats run out I think i may have to purchase this! at £8.99 you can't complain haha xxx

  3. I've been really curious about this. I wantto try it but Ihave 2036457 moisturisers sitting on my shelves at the moment!

  4. Meant to say your new header. Very chic.

  5. hey, i've followed you and put about your giveaway on the sidebar of my blog, and soon i'll post something about your giveaway.
    lovely blog!!

  6. your giveaway is on my sidebar, and have been tagged on one of my post! check out my blog here:

  7. I tried their concentrate. It does wonder for the wrinkles at my neck. they r much better now.

  8. am 20 years old...can i use it??

  9. Just saw my first ad for this in U.S. It figures it's been across the pond for a while before it got here, but it's here now so I'm not complaining. Will definitely try it. I'm a bit older than you are, but hey, maybe I'll see a difference!

  10. am 25 years old, i have oily, pimples & sensitive skin,can i use this product?

  11. @Anon I personally couldnt say. I do have sensitive skin and its fine for me but if you have oily skin and pimples you may want to try something that will combat that. I know the clearasil range is very good.x


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