22 March 2010

Forgotten Bronzer

First im going to say Happy Birthday to meeee,Yay another year older and I can already feel the wisdom lol.

Anyway,whilst cleaning the other day I came across something I completely forgot I had.The Barry M natural dazzle compact

For those not in the know,Its a matt bronzer with a reddish undertone.I used to love this,but clearly it got over shadowed by newbies in my collection.

I have started to use this again,and Its brilliant for contouring

The picture below is heavily swatched,so you get an idea of the red undertone I was talking about.Dont worry It doesn't look like that on the skin.

Its easy to blend and gives me a natural colour that doesn't look cakey or like I have rubbed my face in dirt.I cant believe I forgot about my little dazzle compact.Since Saturday my cheek bones have looked amazing.I really have to go through the rest of my make up to make sure haven't forgot about any other once loved items.

Have any of you rediscovered anything shoved at the back of your make up draw?Let me know



  1. I have this and its put away with the rest of my stuff - need to get it back out the weathers picking up :)

  2. That looks gorgeous. Happy birthday! xx


  3. wow this looks gorgeous! might have to give this a try :)

  4. Happy Birthday :)
    That looks good...I need to find one with a red undertone as well, mine currently is yellow/gold.

  5. Happy Birthday Sweetness :)
    I've wanted to try this for a while :) x


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