9 March 2010


Iv got a huge ego lol well at least I did have (in this instance im referring to my hair)

I was sent these a few weeks back to try out,the day before I was just about to go out and buy some,lady luck was clearly on my side for once..

What they say : TWISTED EGO
The art of getting noticed, with a twist
No hair disobeys the iron will of this tong that includes
fully adjustable temperature control for frizz free curls.
The evenly distributed heat and HW2 technology
guarantees an even and lasting curl. RRP £89.99
EVERY EGO comes with NEW HW2 technology - 4000 year old mineral rich, red earth of the mountainous forests of Korea blended with the finest crushed Tourmaline gems. The result is a powerful natural phenomenon that actively removes toxins and static from each hair while reducing styling time, retaining moisture and cushioning the hair from direct and damaging heat. EGO tools are also supported with a 2 year no quibble warranty.
To live life in style, be an EGOTIST.
Ego – I am who I am

What I say: This large barrel tong is Ideal for creating soft waves or big tumbling curls.I have created both,but at the moment Im just using it to create really loose subtle waves as I have been pining my hair up alot.I like the fact that the temperature is adjustable,because it means my locks dont get an instant shock of 200 degree heat when I use them.

They also have a built in stand,so you don't have to worry about burning anything when you put them down.From the picture below you can get an idea of the overly loose curls

yes,im aware im due for a trim,my hair also needs a wash so please excuse any fluff you may see,lol

They do curl my hair really quick,I probably hold it in my hair for like 6sec and let it go.My hair rarely holds curl,because of all the years I have been taking straighteners to it.Usually when I attempt to curl it,the curls completely drop out within an hour.With these I found that the curl only slightly drops,but It still holds.The curls don't even drop out when I go to bed.I just wake up the next day with really loose waves,and Im lazy,I don't use hairspray.....

I'm glad I was given the opportunity to try these.They are the perfect tool to use whilst im sporting my loose wavy pinned up hair do.And because the curl holds,its really helping me in my "healthy hair" mission.With these I only need to put heat on my hair on a Mon, Thurs and Saturday...RESULT

Have any of you got a new found love for tongs?



  1. great post! i think your hair looks beautiful! it sounds like a nice product :) i followed your blog, because i honestly enjoyed reading it and i would kie to read more from you! xo mariana
    (have a great week!)

  2. Your hair looks gorgeous! I wish I can do a hair post but I don't know where to begin!

  3. @marina thanks.x

    @fabdiva20 aww thanks,i never usually do them,I too never really know were to start lol.x

  4. Definit8ly seeking17 April 2010 at 09:26

    Looks really great. My last experience w/ tongs was well over 5 years ago! I discovered GHD's & never looked back... Maybe it's time they came around again!?

    Thanks for opening my eyes to how they've moved on in our time apart!


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