8 February 2010

Superdrug 2010 spring summer event

Im back after a bout of food poisoning and a lovely headache that loved my company so much it decided to hang with me for 3 days.But im better now woo hoo,and on with the post....

So I was invited to the superdrug spring summer event,of course I decided to pop along.With me being an early bird I went along quite early,I was told I couldnt take pictures (sad times) and Because I went so early,I didnt get to talk to everyone due to publications doing their thing.But none the less,I still got the info needed to give all of you the 4 double 1.

It seemed gosh had the most to announce,They are bringing out 3 new primers,which are really silky in texture,for the eyes lips and face.They are also bringing out Jumbo lip pencils in three summer shades.Cabana Orange,flamingo coral and gypsy red.New nail colours are also making an appearance,as well as 2 new eye shadow palettes that can be used with water or used dry.They are also introducing 5 brightly coloured eye-liners and, what I'm waiting for is their new lip gloss in coral,Its so so so pretty.

They are also releasing a stronger formula of their salt water hair spray.This is meant to give you beautiful beach boho waves,Iv never tried anything like this before so I'm intrigued to see if it will work on me.I got one in the goody bag so expect a review soon.

Sleek are staying colourful and bright,releasing 2 new limited edition eye shadow palettes ,2 liquid eye liners and 2 limited edition pout polishes
Superdrug will also be releasing their summer boho bangles collection,they also have a nautical themed collection too.They will also be launching a new make up range Make up academy(MUA) where everything will cost £1,im excited to try that,I love my bargains lol

I had a good time,and it was nice getting a sneak peak into whats coming out soon.I was also given a lovely goody bag,which I thought was very kind.So lots of reviews to come from that.
There were loads of other brands bringing out new things but every time I try to upload any images my computer decides it would prefer to crash,So feel free to ask me questions if you have any,Im sure ill have the answer.

On my way home,I stopped at lush-Who knew there was one in liverpool street station now woo hoo

: )



  1. did they happen to mention when the next ltd edition sleek palette comes out? :)

  2. no : (, but everything that I saw was coming out within the next couple months so keep your eyes peeled when ur in superdrug.x


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