12 February 2010

Nose pore strips

You thought everything was fine and dandy,you didn't think anything could be lurking there, especially if your pores arnt visible.

Oh how wrong you were.Introducing the nose strip.ok ok they have been around for yonks,and iv been using them for over a year,but for those not in the know,you need to get to know.

You can get these strips from practically any drug store and savers for 99p (lol).You can get them for your nose,chin and forehead,but some of them are big enough to put on any area,so I just stick with the nose ones.

You dont realise how much crap has sat in your nose until you use them,even if you dont have open or visible pores,I guarantee if you pop one of these on your nose and take it off,you will be in minor shock.

Ok so what you do is take one out of the pack,wet your nose thoroughly with water,then you pop it on,leave until it hardens,then you pull it off.

After you've pulled it off you might be thinking,ouch that hurt and theres nothing even on the bloody strip.Please don't be fooled,look at it side on in the light,then you will see.

When I first started using these I was quite amazed,my nose was left clean and very smooth,I use them once a week to keep it this way.

I would defo recommend,especially as they are so cheap

: )



  1. Testing testing...1...2...3!
    hehe! fab post as always hunnie.
    mwah xxx

  2. I use these on the odd occasion and am always shocked by what comes out and on to the strip. Yuck! Fab post x

  3. I like using these things, they do make your nose feel cleaner. I kinda think they hurt when you rip them off though hehe. Gonna see if I've got any lying about now, haven't done 1 in ages! x

  4. i got some yesterday in boots and paid £6!! god ill need to get a look out for the cheap ones :P but yeh they are amazing!! :D great post x

  5. @claire me too

    @Lu they do hurt the first time I did it I was like wtf lol

    @laura wow,yep there def out there cheaper hun

  6. I KNOW, thee really are miracle workers :) They do hurt a teeny bit though, need to get them again ;) x

  7. i've never tried them, but always wanted to:) xx


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