18 February 2010

Luxurious Volume

For the past couple weeks iv been using a few products from the John Frieda LV range.The things iv been trying out are the thickening shampoo and conditioner,and the volume root boosting spray.

Clearly im going to try anything in my hair that has the word THICKENING in it lol

The shampoo and conditioner are meant to boost hairs fullness by 73% without weighing it down.

What I think: the shampoo and conditioner are very light weight and left my hair squeaky clean,I used the volume spray in my roots and blow dried my hair.It did look bigger than usual lol,kinda lioness like (thats what generally happens to my hair)

After I curled it and put my usual serum in my hair,It was really volumouse and it lasted.The one thing I would say is that im not too keen on the spray,my roots were feeling a bit sticky the next day which I didnt like.Im thinking this could be down to my hair type,and it would probably be suited to someone with a more European set of locks,Im going to let one of my friends try it to see if she gets on any better.

The next few times I used the shampoo and conditioner I didnt use the spray and still had good results

If my hairs soft and bigger than usual im happy.Im kind of obsessed with big hair lately,im not sure whats come over me....

check out John Friedas facebook page for competitions CLICK

whats your views on big hair at the moment,come join me...
: )



  1. ooooh yummy
    i love john frieda
    i might give it a go if you think it works :0
    volume always sounds good to my hair
    thanks for the review chick
    Eliza xxx

  2. Im loving volume at the min too,Im sure its on deal in tesco at the moment as well

  3. LOL I'm addicted to volumizing shampoos too, my hair just needs help in getting some body! That sounds great, maybe I should check it out one day :)


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