16 February 2010

Get up and Glow

Note to reader:if your a sucker for words such as radiant and illuminating this post may result in you spending £1.50 lol

So im a sucker for words such as dewy,illuminous,radiance,glow the list really could go on,So whilst going through my draw full of highlighters,I decided it was time I started using things I neglected,things I once loved. but sadly got pushed to the side due to new product overload.

So whilst hunting through,I came across my e.l.f colour stick in persimmon.why did I ever forget I had this,(answers on a postcard please)

oh and lets kindly thank the camera for not focusing grrrr

For the past few weeks iv been putting this along my cheekbones,up onto my brow bone,then putting my foundation over the top.The results = love for me,and when the light catches your cheekbones,the radiant glow is quite amazing.Why didnt I ever do this before-I usually put highlighters over my foundation,but this is definitely my new way in achieving the daily dewiness I crave...

On the left is just the foundation and on the right is persimmon with the foundation over the top

In both pictures you can clearly see the effect you get,and I can assure you thats not my crappy lighting lol.

The stick is creamy based,All I do is rub it on the back of my hand first,to warm it up,and away I go.The glow lasts all day too (bonus)

The best thing is,the colour stick is only £1.50 check the range HERE

Theres so many other shades I want to get now,but im just waiting for them to re-stock.Golden Peach you will be mine.....

: )



  1. I love these they are such good value :)

  2. That definitely gives a gorgeous dewy look. I have been wondering on and off whether or not to buy it but tempting....x

  3. I just wanted to leave a quick comment i know its not to do with your blog lol but i would like to thank you. I would never had started blogging if it wasnt for your amazing blogs. i hope i become as popular as you :) so thanks <3

  4. @ louise-they really are.x

    @lauren-lol come over to the dewy side

    @charmed chick-aww so sweet,glad I could be of some inspiration to you.xx

  5. wow that looks gorgeous!
    i think you may have got me... haha

    elizaaa @

  6. That looks amazing! I really want one now, such good value as well!

  7. Wow Michelle!!!! Thanks for the post!!! :) (it's Stavroula from elf's FB group! :) )

  8. When will it all come back in stock so I can get that radoent glow??? :) x

  9. @dangerouslybeauty-persimmon is in stock now,im just waiting for other shades


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