10 February 2010

Carrots For My Skin

I was given this to try a while back,Like just after christmas.I have been using it all this time,so I think its fair to say I can give a pretty accurate review.

I had never heard of this brand before,but when it comes to any form of cream or body butter ,im always willing to give anything a try,especially in the winter.

What they say:Say yes to carrots is a range of skin body and hair products that harness the nourishing power of vegetables,especially carrots which are packed with anti oxidants to boost skins health and appearance.
100% paraben free,the range incorporates a unique combination of purifying dead sea mud and minerals,packed organic fruit and vegetables,and beta-carotene (WHAT...?)

Beta carotene is a natural form of vitamin A (ohh ok now I get ya) Its renowned for its youth enhancing benefits,providing protection from the sun and other environmental damage.

What I say: As this is a rich body butter,I was expecting it to be thick and gloopy and one of those creams your rubbing in for what seems like forever.Its not like that at all.A little goes a long way and once its been absorbed by the skin,it leaves you with a radiant glow.At first I thought this was residue,but no no I was wrong again.

I really like this body butter and its really been doing wonders for my... prone to get dry in the winter legs.Touch wood this will continue to aid them in the bid for them to look sexy in the summer.

The cram does have a scent but its a natural one,I cant describe it,because im crap at that.

Iv just looked on the site,and they now have lip tints(Already I want cotton candy and coral lol) glosses as well as hair treatments,I think I might order the hair and scalp moisturising mask,lord knows the head needs it.Im already making myself cyber broke lol sad times.

Check out the range here CARROTS and let me know if your going to join me in being broke lol.
: )

feel free to ask me anything I may have left out.x

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