29 January 2010

Urban Decay Primer Potion

Youve probably seen reviews for this little pot of magic all over the shot,But as I only purchased it around christmas Id thought Id share my views on it with some others, that may have been sailing in the same boat as me..

So a while back I posted a plea for help asking what I could do to keep my eye-shadow in place.I was tired of leaving the house with perfect eye make-up,then a short while later,what do you know,im having to clean up the corners of my eyes, where my once perfect eye-shadow had now melted (sad times)

Many of you recommended this,and at £11 I thought errr,why not.It was either that or spend a bit more on the two face one,which clearly wasn't going to be the case.Because im tight like that lol.

So I plodded along to boots in hope it would be in stock,as it was around Christmas,and Hurrah,there was one left,waiting there for little old me,It was clearly a sign lol.

The packaging is so cute,genie esq.One down fall though,Iv seen a bunch of videos warning all us Urban Decay lovers that when you think this is finished...ITS NOT!!! but a little knife action in a few months doesnt really bother me.

So as you can see from the picture above,It has a sponge applicator,so its nice and gentle on the eyes.You only need a small amount for each eye,But below I have swatched it for all those curious Georges out there.

Its a creamy consistency,and once blended and dry, it gives a matt finish,you then put your eye-shadow on as usual.When I first used this I was quiet amazed that my eye shadow had stayed in place all day.No melting,no creasing,nothing.

So all in all Im a very happy bunny,and I would recommend this to anyone and everyone that wears eye shadow.I will definitely be repurchasing this,after the Iv butchered the bottle and got every last bit of creamy goodness out.

Im am officially a UDPP addict....are you???

: )


  1. Don't think the too faced one is £20...thought it was about £14... Problem with the UD one is the packaging, major fail unfortunately.

    Amy x

  2. I have this and love, Love, LOVE it. I will say though if I'm in a rush and apply eyeshadow while the primer is still damp, i will get creasing. Best to let it dry fully before applying shadow. Sometimes I'll keep my eyes closed while it dries. This also helps to tune out anything the boyfriend is doing to be obnoxious, so bonus.

  3. @fordgredial-yh the packaging is a fail,but its still a great product,yh the £20 thin was sumin I saw on boots site : S eye shadow my bad.x

    @inkxaviary-I forgot to say in my post to let it dry cracked me up with that boyfriend thing lol.x

  4. This is my favourite eye primer and love the packaging from a pretty point of view, but it is a real bugger to get the last bits out the bottom. I have to cut it open and depot it into some else!

  5. I really want to try this but its a bit on the pricey side though

  6. @charmed chick-try the elf mineral one,I havnt yet but its meant to be just as good

  7. I swear by this primer...This and Benefits Creaseless Eyeshadows! x

  8. I'm using a really cheap one at the min i think its made by rimmel but its sold in pound land. its ok but i find it tends cause my eye lids to become dry and flakey. i'll defo try and get the elf mineral one though now. thanks

  9. @charmed chick I know what one your talking about,yh,give the e.l.f one a go,as its mineral,it shouldnt be drying either.x

  10. I love UDPP in Sin it works well for me,I prefer Sin than the Original lol


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