15 January 2010

Sexy Summer Legs

So I have this issue where I constantly seem to neglect my legs when It comes to winter,bad-I know.But I was sent a couple things to try,which seems to me,its a clear cut sign that I need to fix up

So first things first,I know it isnt going to be get your legs out season for a while,but preparation is key,and I vow to have my legs looking in tip top condition this time round.So here's what I was sent to try......

( click to enlarge)

Oh yeah,someone else has been using t too lol,Ok this stuff is called Parissa Azulene Aftercare Oil,It retails at £7.99 and is available from boots.The idea of this stuff-is to spray it on your legs and rub it in after shaving or waxing.This is meant to help prevent ingrown hairs and promote long term smootheness.I have been using in between shaving as well...

What I think....

I have only been using this for probably just under 2weeks now,but I must say my legs are soft,and its helped prevent my hair follicles getting jammed with dry skin,thus preventing any ingrown hairs that may of wanted to grace me with their presence
I dont want to rave about this too much as id rather use it for a full month so can give you all a much better opinion,but so far so good-fingers crossed I keep heading in that direction.

Have any of you got any tips on achieving great summer legs?? If so please share away

: )


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