28 January 2010

Prestige Skin Loving Minerals

Since I saw these a while back on the boots site,I was umming and arring on whether I should part with my pounds.The reason I fell for them...nothing more than the fact I was feeling hungry and they had the word baked on the packaging.This will be the reason that one day I will become very poor but surrounded by a sea of make-up > . <

I was going to order them but I ended up passing a boots that stocked them and for once I remembered to go in and swatch away like a mad woman.

Finally after standing at the make up stand for what seemed to be some time,I decided I had to have these two little beauties.Sun baked bronzing powder in rich bronze and fresh glow baked mineral blush in peach....

I love how the bronzer has golden swirls in it,as when its applied to the skin ,it gives off such a natural glow.
The peach also has peach and pink tones swirled around in it, as well as a radiant sheen,that also gives you a lovely luminous finish when applied to the cheek area.

Im so glad I did end up purchasing these,Iv used them practically everyday since I did.The colours look so natural when applied,and the bronze doesnt give you that dirty look.

These are available from Boots and hurrah,Iv just noticed you can save up to £3 on selected prestige products. CLICK BLUSH CLICK BRONZER

: )


  1. Looks amazing, Ive been looking at these recently, they are rather delicious ;) x

  2. i've never seen these, but they look rad! everyone is so into MINERAL powders they really make that much difference?!? xx

  3. the peach one kind of reminds me of MAC'S mineralize blush in daft punk, awesome blog by the way come say hello sometime

  4. @Emma,I feel there less cakey lol

    @lovelymakeup-im coming over to say hi now lol.x


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