3 January 2010

Peachy Nude Nails

Was meaning to do a poost on this a few days back-but just seeing vexinthecity's Blog post on MAC Blissed Out,hurried me along

As soon as I saw the picture,I was like,but wait,thats the same colour im wearing *whilst putting my fingers on the computer screen*

Ok so I know there's a difference in lighting when taking pictures,So I tried to get the best image I could,But it still looks slightly different in reality....

This is a true peachy nude colour and I love it,Best of all I stumbled across it in claires,Um yep you read correctly,I did say claires-a place I dont usually venture lol,but I was searching for a nail colour I saw on someone elses blog.The only downfall id say is that I cant tell you what colour it is because it has no shade name or anything(sad times).And I know they have a few nude colours.There is a number on the back near the ingredients which is B32,I have no clue if it is associated with the colour in any way so dont get mad if it isnt lol

So anyway,two coats and I was done,It was quick drying and I havnt used a top coat.By the way, excuse the fact the picture above may include fluff or any other kind of crap,since I changed the settings on my camera it seems to pick up everything

Just encase you go on the hunt for this....
Its a solid colour (no shimmer)
Its a 9ml bottle
cost is £2
If all else fails just go for the shade that looks exactly like a peachy colour

I dont know what else to say,I wish they at least had a number I could give you-ahh well,Let the hunting commence



  1. Good comparison.I rarely go into Claires, I hate that shop! It's always full of glitter loving 9 yr old shits who get in my way! I'll try and remember to pass by when I go pass my local store.

  2. i havnt been to claires in years lol looks lovely very pretty xox

  3. I love that, its amazing on my toes!! xx

  4. That's really nice. Very similar to Vex's Mac one too. x

  5. Its a cool nude, really like it :)

  6. looks like ill be venturing to claire's for the first time in years to hunt for said mystery polish. such a pretty colour!x

  7. What a Lovely colour! I haven't been in to Claires for years but may have to go and check out their nail polish now! :)


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