14 January 2010

Nails Nails Nails

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So Iv been pestering my friend Emma to throw some swatches my way for a while now,and shes finally come through lol,Shes written an entry for all you lovely readers and included some swatches, enjoy.....oh and c if you can spot the old man from UP!

Hi all..

I’ve been meaning to write a submission for Michelle’s blog for some time now but never seemed to get round to it >.<#

This evening I was sitting in bed painting my nails and watching ‘Brothers & Sisters’ (season 3 is amazing) and decided to get on and type something =(^-^)=

I recently bought 3 nail varnishes. 2 from Mac (‘Blissed Out’ & ‘Dim the Lights’ from the ‘Warm & Cozy’ collection) and 1 from Urban Outfitters.

Both of these Mac colours are wonderful. So many bloggers out there are raving about them...the hype is well founded! I wanted to buy another ‘Blissed Out’ but it’s sold out on their website now. Both colours dry quickly, although both need at least a couple of coats. I actually think the nude colour is pretty poor quality and needs a base coat (the chocolate brown is better and can do without)...

The urban outfitters one was a total impulse purchase and I really don’t know what I was thinking. It’s clay coloured and just totally horrible. It’s thick, gloopy and was quite a waste of £6! It dried quickly and only needed one coat, but I think the important thing about a nail polish is the COLOUR and this one fails miserably. DO NOT LIKE!!

I bought the YSL colour a couple of months ago while looking for a nude shade (I have no idea what it’s name is. There aren’t any other similar YSL colours out though, so just go pester the store assistant when you go buy it...which you really should).

The paint goes on beautifully, stays chip-free for at least 4 days and is easy to remove...but at £16 you’d hope really hope so.

I actually prefer Blissed Out’s colour (and price), but the consistency of the YSL runs rings around its MAC equivalent and the colour is still adorable. The bottle is hella cute too. BUY BUY BUY NOW NOW NOW!

FINALLY! The Chanel ‘Blue Satin’ is one of my favourite colours from last season. The photo of it in the swatch is awful. It’s royal blue – very nearly black – and has a bit of glimmer to it. It goes on well, doesn’t chip, the colour is fantastic...but it’s a pain in the arse to remove.

I’m still a total sucker for these little pots of gloriousness though <3

Anyone know of any matte black nail polishes that are less than a tenner?? I can’t find one anywhere....

: )


  1. Zoya do a matte black nail varnish. It's nice, but does look more towards the dark grey side of things. But is very pretty.

  2. I love Macs blissed out, looks gorgeous :)
    Steph x

  3. Re: the matte black polishes - Nails Inc do one, but have you thought about getting a matte topcoat (I've just bought one from Essie called Matte About You, waiting for it to arrive) as that means rather than buying a whole load of new matte polishes, you just sweep this over your existing ones.

    OPI do a Nail Envy a similar colour to that Mac Blissed Out too.

  4. I can vouch for matte about you - it is fantastic and can even be used over seche vite fast dry. I bought mine from

    Amy x

  5. i loveee blissed out! and awh at the old man from up!!! xx

  6. @tabitha,lol I noticed the old man too-ima ask her about that lol

  7. Lovely blog!

  8. Your diagrams are so cute! Thanks for sharing girl :) xx

  9. baahah XDD
    i didn't think anyone would notice, haha! I have the little dogs scattered around my bedroom. I am the ultimate sucker for new-age disney movie merchandise.

    i will investigate the 'matte about you' stuff. most probably while at work :)

  10. Heyyy,
    I have tried the Zoya one its not that bad- also Essie do a nice black, it's glossy and it's called Liqourice.
    TC xx


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