21 January 2010

Models Own

So when I got home yesterday,I Opened my mailbox and found a black box-eep look what was inside......
The lovely Jacquie,over at models own had sent me a few things to play around with,she has been very generous in sending so much,and shes picked things that are really me.She was even so kind to send my friend Emma,(that did the nails nails nails post a few posts down)A matt black polish,seen as shes been hunting for one for a while.

So heres the polishes lined up,Ive excluded the matt black because we all know what black looks like.....
click to enlarge
I love the colours,they are all so mee,Pearly Queen has really caught my eye,the picture does not do it justice,and I cant wait to get that baby on my nails.
Below are some swatches,I cudnt swatch my own nails because I have just had them painted yesterday,but you can get the general idea from this.The colours are in the same order as above.
(I will change this picture when my nails chip)

Click to enlarge

I was also sent some powder eyeshadows,even though I dont really wear eyeshadow,Im a sucker for a smokey eye when I go out,and all these shades make the perfect selection.Im thinking Navy and Black with some Graphite grey,Ohhh let the experimenting commence.

Click to enlarge
Forgive me that I have not swatched but im wearing a white top today,and knowing me an accident would have occurred >.<

Theres so many other nail colours I want off the site which is HERE
I probably already own every colour nail polish in the rainbow and over the rainbow,but that doesn't mean I shouldn't work on owning every shade of every colour,But im spoilt for choice.
They do have some offers on nail polish at the moment,So maybe I should give in to what is the money demon inside of me,and just get what ever makes me happy.

Can anyone recommend any colours?

: )



  1. How is the consistancy of the nail polish?? I've always wondered about these :) xx

  2. Wow, what a nice surprise to get in the mail :)

    The polishes look gorgeous!

  3. @beautyspark, havnt had the chance to use them yet but by looking at the polish when I did the swatches It could be a one coat and go situation but I will defo let you know.x

  4. Lucky!!! I hope you have fun with them :)Please follow my blog, I'll most definitely be following :) xxx


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