2 January 2010

Lush Sugar Babe

After walking around Lush and smelling everything in site,I settled on two things,Sugar Babe sugar scrub,and the Candy cane bubble bar.These were the two things I was drawn to even though it was spend £20 get anything free

So anyhoo,as the weathers been so cold and all and I was down at my mums,I thought Id purchase a couple things I could use down there,Which I forgot to pack in my over full suitcase.

Exfoliating and moisturising is like a staple in my body care routine-Especially when its winter.So when I saw this little ball of loveliness I didn't hesitate to pick it up

I used this yesterday,and I love the fact its the kind of sugar grains that you can feel working.I did make the mistake of leaving the shower on whilst scrubbing away which bloody melted half the thing,but fear not I managed to salvage half the ball lol-I havnt hit the red centre yet-I dont actually know what it is lol-But my skin was still left silky smooth and moisturised

At £2.60 you cant actually go wrong

I will be doing a review about the candy cane once I can get over the addiction of smelling it(seriously addictive) and crumble it in my bath

Hope everyone had a good xmas and new year

: )

p.s Do you like my new header

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  1. I really want to try this, It will def be on my next lush list!
    The candy cane is one of my faves! =] wish I stocked up on them.

    ps love your new header!


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