7 January 2010

Lush Candy Cane

If this was food,id happily eat it.I love everything about this bubble bar,especially the smell,candy candy candy.So I decided to have a hot bath seen as its so cold outside,and couldn't resist crumbling some of my bubble bar into it-just to make it a bit more enjoyable.I say some because you dont need to crumble the whole lot,that would just be a waste,and I dont know about you,but I like to get as much from my lush as possible.

I smell good,I feel good,so Im a happy lady-the only thing that makes me sad is that I cant seem to find these bubble bars on the Lush site anymore,whats going on????

Aside from that,if you can find them its £2.35 well spent

: )



  1. I think that was part of the christmas collection, I was I had tryed it! XO

  2. "If this was food,id happily eat it" haha made me laugh xoxo

  3. They look amazing, i might end up buying some this saturday when i go on a shopping spree!

  4. @ juicygirl lol

    @nichola do,if you can find them-its well worth it

  5. yeah they are part of the christmas collection however creamy candy bubble bar is the same thing and thats permanent :) x

  6. Did Lush take off it's Holiday Collection already?! Darn.. :( I wanted to stock up on more of their holiday stuff too! xx

  7. @laura ooh good,thanks for lettin me know

    @anita-looks that way

  8. I love that candy cane bar aswell and have one I'm going to use in my bath tonight can't wait, love all lush products and love to blog about them too, check out my blog if you have time x


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