27 January 2010

Jonh Frieda-Go Blonder

Has summer come early...? well no clearly it hasn't,but maybe this might help...

So yesterday,I received these little mini sample sizes of John Frieda Go Blonder,they look so cute lol.Thanks Angela.This product is basically meant to be like summer in a tube,It gradually lightens blonde or highlighted blonde hair like the sun would,minus the damaging effects,What? that's interesting.

Now with the size of my afro im clearly not going to get much of a result out of these cute little things,so now that I know it exists,I will definitely be on the look out for it next time I hit the shops.So,so far on my list of things to get we have maybelline falsies mascara,loreal youth code and now this,I also want to get a nice everyday MAC lipstick if any of you have any recommendations.

So getting back to the subject,heres what the go blonder shampoo and conditioner looks like.Its aimed at people with blonde hair or blonde highlighted hair.But I have heard shampoos aimed at blonde hair can give brunettes super shine.Never tested that theory before,but just though id share it.

Clearly im not blonde,But I do have dark blonde through parts of my hair that are more noticeable in the light.If this little tube of sunshine promises to give me the results of sun-kissed hair all year round,Im gonna take it up on its promise,and give it a whirl.

I have used John Frieda in the past,colour glaze(love) and various products from the frizz-ease range,so im intrigued to see if this will really work.

click to enlarge

Fingers crossed I can report back with some good news.

: )

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