20 January 2010


Hey Ladies,hope your all good.....

Today I went to the Jergens press launch today at Haymarket Hotel,are some of you thinking whats Jergens??? Well let me fill you in,Just to add If I was rich,Haymarket Hotel would be my new living quarters,who knew suites had living rooms because I sure didn't lol.
Anyhoo onto the good stuff.....

In 2009,Jergens,Americas number 1 best selling bodycare range,became available in the uk for the first time with the launch of new Jergens Naturals Body Moisturisers.As its been so successful,they are introducing 2 new body moisturisers to the range -Cocoa Butter and Total Nourishment Replenishing body moisturisers. (as seen below)They also contain 97% and 96% natural ingredients.

Now,I must admit,ive seen Jergens in the shops before and always walked past it as I hadnt ever heard enough about it,and thought it was just another cream on the shelf,But little did I know that I was wrong.

First up,Cocoa Butter,No ladies get Palmers out your head for one second.This Cocoa Butter cream is light,silky and easy to rub in,and If you put loads on,you wont smell like a chocolate bar.The scent is light and not overpowering unlike some cocoa butters.Apparently its meant to keep you moisturised for 8hrs,Im 5 hrs in and my hands are still soft and they still smell good,even after carrying primani bags,but thats another story.So far,Its a thumbs up from moi.

Also,whilst I was in the chocolate room,I had a chocolate manicure by Adam Slee-Celebrity Manicurist
We decided to do something a bit different,but I really like it.We ended up calling it the Jergens chocolate manicure,I wonder if it will catch on.....

Second up....
Total Nourishment cream(THE PURPLE ONE) is packed with all foods that are super-Crandberry,Acai Berry Extract and Mangosteen Extract- for all those that want it ina nut shell-Its good for you lol and for everyone else-heres the science bit.

Crandberry-Known to stimulate cell turnover for smooth skin
Acai Berry Extract-Contains anti-oxidants to promote skin health
Mangosteen Extract-Contains anti-oxidants too help prevent skin damage which are more powerful than vitamins A,C and E

I will be using these,and Il update you ladies as to how I get on.Until then....
Have any of you have ever tried Jergens?

: )


  1. I'm very tempted to try one of their products... Think I'll get a moisturiser this weekend actually ;)

  2. I have quite bad psoriasis on my hands and bought a tube of Jergens moisturiser, excited about the prospect of something more natural.

    All I can say is that I have never experienced such a reaction in my life and unfortunately (as it smelled lovely and applied beautifully) I won't be able to go anywhere near it again.

    I am certain it works wonders on people with less badly behaved skin than mine but there was something in it that really didnt agree with me :(

  3. @ Helen,Oh no : (,Have you ever tried emulsifying ointment,you can get it from the chemist for like £3 for a massive tub-It should help your psoriasis


  4. I'd love to try this brand. I've heard so many good things. I hate heavy moisturisers so will definitely have to try this! =) x

  5. Your nail polish looks great! Very fresh.I can't wait for this product.


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