25 January 2010

Eyeko Line and shines & Graffiti Eyeliner

Hey ladies,Just thought I d share with you a few things,If your one that likes colour keep reading,and if your one that tries endlessly to draw on that perfect liquid eyeliner keep reading ,and if you dont like any of the above just read anyway lol.

I was given these to try out,So first up,Eyeko Line and Shine.these are double ended,Highly pigmented,fat eye pencils.They come in three shades,as you can see below.

(All pics can be clicked to enlarge)

Bring on the swatches.....

The purple shade pencil is for "Superstar Eyes" The blue shade pencil is for "Popstar Eyes" and the black liner is for "Rockstar eyes"

I must admit,I wouldnt usually look twice at this sort of thing,but im glad they were bought to my attention.Iv been using the black one everyday,on my waterline,I dont think id use them as a shadow though,even though its been said that you can.I like that they are creamy in texture,and bold in colour..And at £4 each,you cant really go wrong if you dont like it at least you kind of wouldnt mind.

Next Up Graffiti eyeliner,In a pen,Yes that's right ladies.Gone are the days where you slowly draw your liquid eyeliner on,in hope you don't make a mistake.

The fine nib fast drying pen,makes it easy to control,Its actually like writing on paper.

So if anyone out there likes using liquid eyeliner,but hates the hassle of getting a straight line,This is definitely one to try,I think it is a tad over priced for what it is,only due to the fact if your eyelids are slightly oily and you try and put this on,nothing happens.In my opinion they would have been better off making this in a water proof formula.Price £5

You can check out the eyeko site HERE

And dont forget to use my ambassador code E6852 if you order anything,because you will get a little something extra thrown in.

: )


  1. Might have to try the eyeliner - I can never get it perfect!
    Thank you!
    Claire xx

  2. Ooooooh, all these look so cute, theyre always sold out in my local store though :( Sad times x

  3. OOO the grafitti liner looks like the mac one im running out of! I need that!!!

  4. the teal and plum colours really are super cute...

  5. @Tali-I used it the other day,it dsnt budge,and its easier to use than a thin brush

    @emma-iv just sent darryl off with your matt black lol yay.x


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