26 January 2010

Elite REPULP! Gloss

So whilst sitting in my room feeling bored,I decided to go through my make up and came across this,I dont remember buying this,meh...Oh well thought it would be something nice to do a post on,especially after I plastered it over my lips and took a picture of myself lol...

So this is Elite Repulp Gloss,Shade Lovely Red.Im not sure why its called repulp,because it didnt really have that effect on my lips,or maybe the shine that it has,is meant to give off that illusion.........

Im actually liking the packaging,I think it looks rather expensive.And I like the fact it has a lip brush on the end.

Im not a fan of colour on my lips,but I think I might have to pull this one out the bag next time I go out.Even though it is clearly a highly pigmented red,It looks to me as if It has a pinky undertone,which is a tad more flattering against the skin.

Im usually scared of red,Its one of those colours you can either pull off or you just have to steer clear of it.I find myself to be one of those that steer well clear.I can never put any form of red on my lips without making a blatant mistake,then I try to fix the mistake by wiping it away,only to find its too late and I have a nice red stain on my skin lol (as seen below) Anyhwoo,this is what it looks like on.....
Do any of you have a bright colour your scared of?
: )

Elite available at superdrug rrp around £6 (I think )


  1. Gosh that's pigmented!
    it looks gorgeous, itd look amazing with some smoked out eyeliner and fluttery lashes, but then again you're beautiful so you could pull anything off! lucky girl xx

  2. Aww thank you,thats the nicest thing iv heard ina while.x

  3. it is lovely. so elite is a good brand? I've always skipped it, because they don't have testers here, and i thought it wasn't good.

    by the way, you are very very beautiful, and you should dare more. that bright lipgloss is very flattering to your features!

  4. You should not be scared of red - it looks beautiful on you.x

  5. I'm the same about red i've just been sent this colour as part of a prize box from a makeup competition i entered with superdrug. i'm thinking that it would work well with a smokey eye makeup on a night out. What do you think?

  6. @charmed chick-Yep I think that will look nice-not too heavy on the eyes though,Im a fan of either a strong lip or a dramatic eye.x


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