20 December 2009

Famous By Sue Moxley

Nudes = Love for me,I already own a few nude nail varnishes but when I come across a shade I love that doesn't seem to matter to me

So the shade I picked up is called Nude,and it is from the famous range in superdrug

Oh so pretty,with a small twist that my camera wouldn't pick up.So this nail colour is not a solid colour varnish,its actually from the manicure range,so obviously when you apply one coat it comes out a nicely nude sheer colour,That isn't going to stop me from achieving the look I want,I put a few thin coats on to achieve the solid colour look,I think it was about 4,and must I say due to the consistency of this polish,my nails dried rapidly in between each coat.

I havnt got any top coat on so as you can see the shine is amazing,and what I realised when I put my hand near the light,is that the polish is shot through with an undertone of a subtle nude shimmer,so subtle that when your indoors it looks like your just wearing a nude polish,Even when your outdoors it looks like your just wearing a nude polish.The light actually has to catch it for you to see how pretty this colour really is,Its like two polishes in one

Perfect for the Christmas season

: )

19 December 2009

E.L.F studio line

I ordered me some e.l.f things the other day,Just because I felt like ordering myself something and with their prices I knew that I wouldnt regret it after,I placed my order at around 5pm on Wednesday,and I received it on Friday morning.Thats one thing I like about e.l.f.So heres what I ordered...

2 mineral lipsticks(left)runway pink (right) natural nymph and the blusher bronzer studio line duo,which apparently is meant to be a duo of the Nars duo-But I couldn't say as Ive never tried the Nars duo

So this is what the bronzer and blusher look like,it does have a slight shimmer undertone,but only enough to give you a glow,It wont make your face look like a glitter ball.Both the colours are very pigmented,especially the bronzer,so you dont need alot.I must say though,considering how pigmented they are,they blend out really nicely

I also picked up,mineral lipsticks in Runway Pink And natural Nymph.I never really used to be a lipstick person,but I can now confess Im totally loving my nude shades.Both these colours are very buildable,and I find that one swipe followed by my barry m toffee lip gloss gives me the perfect colour

The lipsticks are easy to apply,and they are not at all drying,even dabbing the pink runway on your lips gives the perfect flush of colour

All products are available from HERE

Im actually quite proud of myself.I actually like the last few items of beauty products that I have purchased,usually Id have at least one bad thing to say,but all seems well at the moment

Lets hope it stays this way

: )

18 December 2009

Gosh and Bourjois

Finally made some beauty purchases so I am finally able to update my blog.It was still 3 for 2 in superdrug and I believe it will be up until the 29th of December

I went in there to re-purchase my beloved foundation after I had a nasty run in with the revlon colour stay (dont want to get started on how much I hate this foundation).....

As it was 3 for 2,I picked up the Bourjois bronzer in shade 52,which I have never tried,And I got the Gosh blush in shade 36 Rose Whisper for free

As its winter,im trying to steer clear of anything that is too powdery, dewiness is the way forward in my books,So I was looking for products that were either cream based or ones that simply felt like silk

Ive never tried the Bourjois Bronzer before,but I have walked past it enough to finally give in and part with the £££,I think this was about £7,and you know what Im glad I picked it up.Not only because it looks like my favourite thing,mmmm chocolate,But because it is the silkiest in texture,and has such a nice colour pay off,I have been using it for the past couple of days,and it doesnt dry out my skin like other bronzers I have tried,The colour is so natural and sheer,It doesnt turn you orange,nor will you look like someone's shoved your face in mud,and I almost forgot to mention the smell is so lovely and sweet-At this point I wish I was a toddler so I could bite it and not be scorned for my foolishness. Bourjois Bronzer = my new love

So onto the Gosh blush,When I swatched this,at first I did think it was a cream blush,but my make up senses had clearly failed me,This is also another powder that feels like a creamy vail of loveliness,Iv also used this a couple of times ,and its the right kinda pink for my skin tone and it leaves my cheeks with a nice flush of illuminating colour
*yes I went there with the word illuminating for all you dewy skin addicts*

Im glad I decided to pick up two products that I have never tried before,rather than just sticking to the usual buys

Im very happy with my purchases,Let me know if you have ever tried any of these

: )


15 December 2009

Youtube-Im back

Hey everyone just a quick heads up,im back on youtube with plenty of vids coming sooon,starting with the crap I haud around with me in my bag.....

The link is the lovely bright pink thing below

hope you all enjoy my upcoming vids

: )


14 December 2009

My Daily Skincare Routine

So ive been slacking terribly on my blog lately-Fail

I really must get back into the swing of things,so today I thought Id do a daily skincare routine,Its very basic,but it keeps my skin in good condition

So in the morning I wash my face with neutrogena face wash,It has tiny little exfoliation beads in it which lightly exfoliate the skin,leaving it soft and smooth.Sometimes I lightly apply this using my exfoliation gloves,for that little bit extra clean feeling

I will then cram my face with Johnson baby lotion,Usually I would use my boots cream with an spf 15,but it does nothing for the moisture in my skin,so I have averted back to old ways
Onto the second part of my routine.When the day is done and its time for me to chillax and take off my makeup,I will use once again Johnsons 3 in 1 facial cleansing wipes,no speacial reason other than im just lazy.I will usually use 3 wipes,one to remove mascara,one to wipe my face and then a third just to ensure everything is all gone and my face is squeaky clean

And finally,some of you may think im crazy,but before I hit the soft warm cosy place which is bed,I will apply baby oil all over my face-doesnt that leave you greasy,I hear you ask lol,Actually when I wake up in the morning it leaves me quite the opposite.No greasiness,just really soft skin
So that is my daily skin care routine,Its nothing special,The products are all cheap,and this little routine works for me

: )


11 December 2009

Help me girls

(google images)

So I know im a beauty blogger but sometimes even we need help,So heres the problem,as you can see from previous posts im into creating a smokey eye at the moment

Problem is,do you think I can find an eyeshadow that lasts more than an hour,before it decides it would rather sit on my face.Grrrr

All I want is a black or dark blue shadow that will not budge,Im sick of looking like ive bin punched in the face by a angry mob of tiny elves,umm I really dont know why I said that,I think I got a tad carried away in the moment there.........

Anyhoo,If anyone can suggest a good eyeshadow that will last,oh and a good eyeliner too,I dont even want to get started on how I seem to be wiping eyeliner out of the inner corner of my eye 30 min after ive put it on,I feel so annoyed now

Yeah,so if any of you lovely ladies can suggest a good eyeshadow or any tips on how to keep eyeliner on your water line.please let me know,Oh,and the cheaper the better because im only using it for new year

: )

9 December 2009

Revlon colour stay

I got me some of this today,I picked it up in natural tan,instead of my usual maybelline dream satin liquid (which I love) But I just wanted to try something new,plus it was 3 for 2 in superdrug.Which may I just add,I don't know what the hell was wrong with me today,even though it was 3 for 2 I only picked this up,I was so confused as to what else to buy, that's not good-im losing my make up mojo

This foundation is apparently a dupe to a mac foundation,but for the life of me I cant remember the name,I think its studio something.Anyhoo Iv heard that this foundation is one not to budge,Which is good because I have to say my maybelline one always seems to have gone after a few hours,so im intrigued to see how this one compares,flawless skin that lasts all day,you cant really complain

So anyway,Ive put some on one of my cheeks,and its ok,but im not sure it compares to my maybelline,but one swatch isnt enough to judge it by so I will give it a bit more of a chance than that

If any of you have used this and you think your comments will make me feel happy about my purchase,pleas go ahead and leave one letting me know how you got on with it yada yada yada.....

: )


8 December 2009

How To Create A Messy Bun

When I was younger this was really one of the only styles I used to rock,Back then it was so much harder for me to create due to having really long thick hair.And not knowing how to control it.But a pair of ghd's and a few years later,the texture and thickness of my hair has totally changed-It cant be a good thing but its easier for me : o

So I have two ways you can create a lovely messy bun

FIRST WAY-best for light hair of a shorter lenght

1.Scrape your hair back with your fingers,leaving bits at the front to drop,after all it is a messy style were going for here

2.twist your hair into a loose bun,then simply secure it with hair pins

3.Do the shake test-yes people.shake your head from left to right to make sure it doesn't fall out

4.Once its secure and in place,gently pull on pieces of the bun to loosen the look of the style,mind you,dont pull so hard that you pull pieces can also do the same thing on the crown area and the sides of your hair to create a more relaxed messy look if you find it looks to neat

SECOND WAY-for people with longer thicker hair

1.Tie your hair up in a pony tail,on your last tie,dont pull your pony tail right through,this should leave you with a sort of hanging bun,if that makes sense

2.gently pull on random strands all over your crown,(do not pull strands out)this is just to give it a more naturally scraped back look,rather than a neat sleek look.

3.Now all you need to do is pin up random sections of your hanging bun

4.This should leave you with a nice messy look,If it isnt messy enough for you,try repeating step four above

I will get a picture up of my own head a bit later,when I can find the bloody usb lead

: )

oh,feel free to leave a comment if you didnt understand any of my little ramble lol,anyone and everyone can leave comments here


7 December 2009

Elite Eyeshadow

I was kindly sent some Elite cosmetics from superdrug,so I thought I would do a quick post on one of the items which I have already used

Its a lovely 4 shade eyeshadow palette

The palette consists of a highlighter,a chocolatey brown shade,an icy iridescent gold,and a bronzy golden colour......

I have only used this once,but the colours are really pigmented and easy to blend,you can create subtle looks with this or a full on bold look

My favourite shade in this palette is the one I have numbered 3,as it can be used as a highlighter or a base,and has a really warm golden undertone,Im going to try using this on my cheekbones at Christmas,The thought of subtle highlighted dewy cheeks is sooo me

Il let you know how that goes.....

Have you used anything from the elite range before, what's your favourite eyeshadow?

: )

6 December 2009

4 Step Smokey Eye

Right ladies,Put your brushes to one side because all you need here is your fingers.Some of you may have seen this lovely look I created by luck....

I was asked to let you all know how I did it,so here goes...

1.pick a colour,any colour,as my look was created with only one

2.Rub whatever finger you are going to use in your colour of choice

3.apply the colour all over your lid,starting in the middle of your lid,as close to the lashline as possible

4.Blend outwards(cat like),as you do this the colour will naturally fade due to lack of product on your finger

Thats it,I told you it was really easy,and to prove my lazy way still works,ive just created these...

(storm palette)

wow my camera is really rubbish,I assure you im neither yellow or pink lol....

(graphite palette)

All colours are from the sleek palettes

Hope this has helped you all

: )

2 December 2009

Dear Santa

Christmas is around the corner people,And I usually get stressed about buying presents for everyone,but this year I vow not to,Im just going to pretend im broke,Lol just kidding........

I really want to enjoy christmas like I did when I was a child,You know the excitement im talking about,Waking up stupid hours in the morning,excited that its christmas.....

That feeling has slowly slipped away as ive got older : (

Nether the less,I still love spending the time with my family and eating as many roast potatoes as I can(forget the brussels though,whats up with those)Mum,you cant trick me into thinking they taste any nicer because you added fancy ingredients lol,I fall for it every year

I know what im getting everyone this year so it shouldn't be that stressful,The shopping has already began,but I think im still slacking

Why is it when I go out to buy presents for other people,I come back with things for myself??am I the only one.....

Aside from that I have been dropping hints around of things I would really like(emailing pictures and links)cheeky,I hope the hints have been obvious enough.....

I hope santa brings me something nice this year,I really have been a good girl,really I have

Are you hoping for anything special this year???

: )


1 December 2009

Shoes Im Lovin

click to enlarge

So those are my favourite low heeled shoes,vintage green,navy blue and taup.I love these heels because they are low,and I can walk around in them for ages,before my feet hurt

they are all sued,and can be dressed up or down.My true loves are the green ones, whenever I wear them people seem to be amazed lol

Whats your favourite pair of shoes?

: )

p.s I know my blogs been kinda on the rubbish side lately,but im going to start putting my old effort in now,of everyday updates
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