Shoes Im Lovin

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So those are my favourite low heeled shoes,vintage green,navy blue and taup.I love these heels because they are low,and I can walk around in them for ages,before my feet hurt

they are all sued,and can be dressed up or down.My true loves are the green ones, whenever I wear them people seem to be amazed lol

Whats your favourite pair of shoes?

: )

p.s I know my blogs been kinda on the rubbish side lately,but im going to start putting my old effort in now,of everyday updates


  1. Oooh, i love the colours of all of them they look fab hunnie xx

  2. yeah are those suede ??so pretty!hehe
    where did u get them from?:P

  3. the green 1s are from miss selfridge a while bak the other to are from trusty primark lol



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