8 December 2009

How To Create A Messy Bun

When I was younger this was really one of the only styles I used to rock,Back then it was so much harder for me to create due to having really long thick hair.And not knowing how to control it.But a pair of ghd's and a few years later,the texture and thickness of my hair has totally changed-It cant be a good thing but its easier for me : o

So I have two ways you can create a lovely messy bun

FIRST WAY-best for light hair of a shorter lenght

1.Scrape your hair back with your fingers,leaving bits at the front to drop,after all it is a messy style were going for here

2.twist your hair into a loose bun,then simply secure it with hair pins

3.Do the shake test-yes people.shake your head from left to right to make sure it doesn't fall out

4.Once its secure and in place,gently pull on pieces of the bun to loosen the look of the style,mind you,dont pull so hard that you pull pieces can also do the same thing on the crown area and the sides of your hair to create a more relaxed messy look if you find it looks to neat

SECOND WAY-for people with longer thicker hair

1.Tie your hair up in a pony tail,on your last tie,dont pull your pony tail right through,this should leave you with a sort of hanging bun,if that makes sense

2.gently pull on random strands all over your crown,(do not pull strands out)this is just to give it a more naturally scraped back look,rather than a neat sleek look.

3.Now all you need to do is pin up random sections of your hanging bun

4.This should leave you with a nice messy look,If it isnt messy enough for you,try repeating step four above

I will get a picture up of my own head a bit later,when I can find the bloody usb lead

: )

oh,feel free to leave a comment if you didnt understand any of my little ramble lol,anyone and everyone can leave comments here



  1. Great post! this will be fantastic for when I need a quick fix! like now infact! think ill give it a go :p


  2. let me know how you get on,im really crap at giving instructions lol

  3. I'm doing this style for my grad thanks lots ;)


  4. Hey, loved your blog and just followed

  5. great tips! thanks :)


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