11 December 2009

Help me girls

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So I know im a beauty blogger but sometimes even we need help,So heres the problem,as you can see from previous posts im into creating a smokey eye at the moment

Problem is,do you think I can find an eyeshadow that lasts more than an hour,before it decides it would rather sit on my face.Grrrr

All I want is a black or dark blue shadow that will not budge,Im sick of looking like ive bin punched in the face by a angry mob of tiny elves,umm I really dont know why I said that,I think I got a tad carried away in the moment there.........

Anyhoo,If anyone can suggest a good eyeshadow that will last,oh and a good eyeliner too,I dont even want to get started on how I seem to be wiping eyeliner out of the inner corner of my eye 30 min after ive put it on,I feel so annoyed now

Yeah,so if any of you lovely ladies can suggest a good eyeshadow or any tips on how to keep eyeliner on your water line.please let me know,Oh,and the cheaper the better because im only using it for new year

: )


  1. nope because im poor,lol joke-Iv just bin told to try urban decays one

  2. Definitely try UDPP as a base before applying anything. Instead of using e/s, try using dark liners that you smudge using a q-tip or a pencil brush. Try a dark NYX jumbo eye pencil, or Urban Decay 24/7 Zero or Fluidline Blacktrack. I think using liners instead of e/s will prevent fallout. Most of these products are pricey, but will last forever. As a poor grad student, I feel better off spending money on one Holy Grail than on multiple crappy dupes!

  3. Hey, ELF do great eye shadow primers, they have three, one in the normal range, one in the mineral range and one in the studio range. I have the studio one and it's great, blends really easily, and keeps my shadow on for ages, It is in a stick form though, it also has a liner sealer on the other end of it for transforming eye shadows into liners.

    I've read on other blogs great reviews about the mineral eye shadow primer too and it's only around £3.00 I think.

  4. after you put eye liner on put some black shadow on top of it to "set it" :)

    and i use U.D. primer potion as a eyeshadow base :)

    Rimmel also do a smokey quad with blue and black which i find quite good

  5. defo use a primer or a mac paint pot i ecommend mac rubenesque and urban deay primer potion for winter and for summer too faced shadow insurance and ths will ensure your eyshadow will stay put ! also after applying primer and base use a white eyeshadow all over the lid this will help brighten your eye whilt doing a smokey eye so you dnt look dead/bruised .
    to see my new tutorial of a simple smokey eye jst follow this link

    hoped this helped if u have any more questions just comment on that post d i will b more thn happy to help you hun


  6. I picked up a cheap black dazzel dust from my local makeup shop, i think it could be collection 2000 but dont quote me lol but its great and lasts all day

  7. ooo and you can pick up a rimmel eye primer from the pound shop. :)


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