18 December 2009

Gosh and Bourjois

Finally made some beauty purchases so I am finally able to update my blog.It was still 3 for 2 in superdrug and I believe it will be up until the 29th of December

I went in there to re-purchase my beloved foundation after I had a nasty run in with the revlon colour stay (dont want to get started on how much I hate this foundation).....

As it was 3 for 2,I picked up the Bourjois bronzer in shade 52,which I have never tried,And I got the Gosh blush in shade 36 Rose Whisper for free

As its winter,im trying to steer clear of anything that is too powdery, dewiness is the way forward in my books,So I was looking for products that were either cream based or ones that simply felt like silk

Ive never tried the Bourjois Bronzer before,but I have walked past it enough to finally give in and part with the £££,I think this was about £7,and you know what Im glad I picked it up.Not only because it looks like my favourite thing,mmmm chocolate,But because it is the silkiest in texture,and has such a nice colour pay off,I have been using it for the past couple of days,and it doesnt dry out my skin like other bronzers I have tried,The colour is so natural and sheer,It doesnt turn you orange,nor will you look like someone's shoved your face in mud,and I almost forgot to mention the smell is so lovely and sweet-At this point I wish I was a toddler so I could bite it and not be scorned for my foolishness. Bourjois Bronzer = my new love

So onto the Gosh blush,When I swatched this,at first I did think it was a cream blush,but my make up senses had clearly failed me,This is also another powder that feels like a creamy vail of loveliness,Iv also used this a couple of times ,and its the right kinda pink for my skin tone and it leaves my cheeks with a nice flush of illuminating colour
*yes I went there with the word illuminating for all you dewy skin addicts*

Im glad I decided to pick up two products that I have never tried before,rather than just sticking to the usual buys

Im very happy with my purchases,Let me know if you have ever tried any of these

: )



  1. I was thinking about buying that bronzer and now you have sold me :) x

  2. @confessions-its really nice and there are 2 shades aswell-my one is 52 : )


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