20 December 2009

Famous By Sue Moxley

Nudes = Love for me,I already own a few nude nail varnishes but when I come across a shade I love that doesn't seem to matter to me

So the shade I picked up is called Nude,and it is from the famous range in superdrug

Oh so pretty,with a small twist that my camera wouldn't pick up.So this nail colour is not a solid colour varnish,its actually from the manicure range,so obviously when you apply one coat it comes out a nicely nude sheer colour,That isn't going to stop me from achieving the look I want,I put a few thin coats on to achieve the solid colour look,I think it was about 4,and must I say due to the consistency of this polish,my nails dried rapidly in between each coat.

I havnt got any top coat on so as you can see the shine is amazing,and what I realised when I put my hand near the light,is that the polish is shot through with an undertone of a subtle nude shimmer,so subtle that when your indoors it looks like your just wearing a nude polish,Even when your outdoors it looks like your just wearing a nude polish.The light actually has to catch it for you to see how pretty this colour really is,Its like two polishes in one

Perfect for the Christmas season

: )


  1. That looks beautiful, definately a must! xx

  2. damn !its just perfect !!
    awwww i want one !lol

  3. i want that nude nail polish!!!! still can't find one for me... =( such a lovely colour that one...


  4. What a beautiful color! Wow!


  5. i wish my nails were that nice! i've always loved nude polish :)


  6. Gorgeous nude colors!
    X, fashionnerdic

  7. that colour is rad! i have a ysl one i like but it takes so long to dry it's nightmarish >.<#

    hope your xmas was wonderful :)

    tell darryl to stop putting it off and to get back to this amazing city already!!

  8. @ emma-hope u had a good xmas too,in the sun lol

    lol I asked him,hes like I dont know when im comin back : (


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