24 November 2009

A ladybird,lee stafford and skin doctors

So I got out today before the daily rain we seem to be having,picked up a few bits n bobs

I picked up some Lee Stafford climate control,Ive never used this before but Ive never had any trouble with his products in the past,in fact I quite love them.My hair isnt handling the wind and and the rain,and this dry spray promises to give me protection from elements all year round,preserving its strength and prolonging my hair colour,so we shall see....

Also on the cards we have a product I discovered online,called ingrow go,Its by a company called skin doctors and promises to rid those hideous little red bumps you can sometimes get from shaving or in grown hairs.Im not ashamed to admit I sometimes get those tiny ugly bumps from shaving,Im just glad ive found something to keep my legs smoooooth,Before purchasing this,I read a load of reviews on this stuff,I never saw one bad one,lets leave it a that,you can get this at boots for £9.99,Yeah it sounds expensive,but if its going to sort a problem nothing has been able to in the past,im not fussed,I will def keep you all updated........

I also got some carmex,I forgot to add it in the pictures, whoops,but you all know what it looks like,It hasn't really been that cold but my lips just didnt feel at all moisturised,the vaseline weren't cutting it,So in come carmex,It moisturises and protects and has a little tingle sensation when you put it on.I love the smell too,so far so good

And last but not least.....

I picked up this dainty ladybird necklace from topshop for £4,yes its so dainty in this picture it looks like a tiny red dot,But I assure you it isnt lol,I will try and get a better picture up of it.It really is the sweetest thing ive ever seen,oh and its not a sale item either,it actually is £4

have you tried any of the products up top?

If you have,let me know

; )


  1. Yay for carmex! It smells delicious! I've just tried Lee Stafford Sea Salt Spray. I was impressed and as they always seem to be on 3 for 2 in Boots I'm tempted to try out some other Lee Stafford products! & Thank you again for choosing me in your giveaway xx

  2. your welcome,Im lovin the carmex,and lee staford is still 3 for 2 at boots,theres so much I wanna try

  3. The Ingrow Go lotion is amazing - so so good! Just use for a few days after waxing or shaving (no more or your skin goes dry) - and topically if you have any stubborn ones.

    I like your blog x


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