12 November 2009

Cloud Nine Irons

I was lucky enough to be sent a pair of cloud nine irons to try,I was a tad sceptical at first as nothing to me is better than my trusty GHD iron

How wrong was I.............

These irons are made by the creators of the original GHD iron,But these have a clever little difference.They offer all the style without the heat

With a digital dial on the inside to control the temperature and,Its smart mode,were if the irons are not used for half an hour,they turn themselves off,These irons surprised me

Anyhoo,this is how they came........

The packaging was very nice and well presented,and I loved that they were wrapped in bubble wrap,more because I sat for ages popping it

So onto the good stuff

When I first ran these irons through my hair,I was like "I dont like them" and was tempted to reach for the Ghds,But I was good and I never.I straightened my hair on a mid heat (trust me for my hair that is good) and was pleasantly surprised that it was straight,but hadn't lost its natural thickness

So I vowed to use these for a week before I made my true judgement,The week is up and im still using them whilst my Ghds gather dust,I never believed I would ever say that :S

The cloud nine irons also have some kind of secret formula in the plates to give hair extra shine,Id say I noticed the shine more the next day

I havnt tried any other styles with them as of yet,other than straight,But that's only because for some strange reason I havnt had to use them everyday,which I would usually have to do, to keep my hair looking sweet.But I will definitely try some different styles at the weekend

I really like these irons,and I like the fact that my hair doesnt get snagged on the plates when using them,they actually glide through hair effortlessly

Ooh I forgot to add the irons come with a styling guide,a heat protective cover and a pouch to keep them safe when travelling,or when packing them away

All in all,I think im going to have to say,rest in peace GHD,I still love you,but ive met someone new


Cloud nine irons retail at £129.95,more info is available here- click



  1. Im faithful to my ghds, but i love the sound of using less heat!! hmm! xx

  2. I like my GHDs but I's scared to use them too much because of the heat. It will be interesting to see how these measure up on hair in the long term! Thanks for the review!
    Emma :)

  3. I feel so bad for cheating my ghds

    But im actually glad I did,I havnt used them once since these came,lets see how long it lasts lol

  4. The newer version, or since the white and black ones were released, have already got the function where after 30 minutes they go on standby mode, and they cool down until u start using them again.

    Would you do a half n half comparison for us?

  5. I did do a half and half,and I accidently erased it like a fool,so when I nxt wash my hair il stick one up : )

  6. I use
    cloud nine iron at work and i do think they have the edge on GHD in the wide variety but not the thinner! Your GHD's will forgive you, eventually!


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