27 October 2009

Sea Kelp-Hair growth

The power of seaweed mmmmm

Ok not in this form but in the tablet form of sea kelp

I often go through stages of taking sea kelp,only because im not that good at vitamin routine

Sea kelp is one of the best tablets for stronger shinier healthier hair,before taking these though,you must ensure you have a healthy thyroid

I think im going to start taking these again in the run up to Christmas to give my locks a boost

Im really going to try and stick with it this time

You can probably get sea kelp anywhere,I got mine from Holland and Barrett,and im sure they were around £3

Have you ever tried seakelp?

How did you get on?
: )



  1. Yeah I've used it. Last time being about 2 yrs ago. I also took Biotin adn MSM tablets for hair growth too.

    I relaxed my hair again yest and it's grown some more so am quite pleased but I want MOOOOOOOOORE so am gna start taking Biotin for a couple of months very soon.

  2. are the tablets quite big? (weird question i know - but im awful at taking tablets :( ) xxx

  3. @vex in the city,I havnt tried biotin,I might have to jump on that

    @sarah,lool, mine were smartie size and quite flat,They usually have a size ring on the back of tablets now to saw how big they are : )

  4. I just tagged you :)

  5. i bought freeman seakelp conditioner
    my hair got chemicly damaged sooo im n major need of repairing my hair hardcore
    i hope that conditioner helps

  6. Your hair grows in cycles and it you do lose it naturally, you just do not notice it it is only when it stops growing back that you notice it and you want to make your hair grow fast. By taking the right steps though you can be sure that your hair will grow as fast.

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  7. I haven't tried sea kelp yet, but that's a good suggestion. I have used other hair growth products like biotin and amino acids though.

  8. Ya it is good product and really work i am using this product something 1 year my hair growth again
    thanks "Sea Kelp-Hair growth"

    Sea Kelp


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