12 October 2009

L'Oréal Paris Double Extension Renewal Serum Inside Mascara

I planned to get this a while back,but i just wanted to wait until it had done its rounds so I could get some feedback

Im planning on getting the serum too,but the boots i had gone into was so teeny,their make-up was practically non existant.This mascara has two sides.Step one is A serum enriched base coat with Arginine and Centella. Lashes feel fortified and nourished and step two An ultra-lengthening mascara for a lash extension effect. Up to 80% longer-looking lashes Spectacular lashes!

And in my eyes,I think the result equals amazing........

I promise to get a before picture up too,Its just that I wasnt planning on doing a post about this yet,But then I had to after I had used it

My lashes arnt stiff or crunchy and im loving the length this mascara has given me,I do believe the up to 80% lash lift has been delivered

And as an extra,the mascara has the serum inside so its actually treating my lashes,and making them look amazing all at once...

I love it,and i think my collosal will be taking a sideline for a little while

At the moment boots have knocked off £3 off the loreal serum and this mascara too,Every pound helps

Have you tried any of the new loreal lash products yet?

: )


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