To fringe or not to fringe

Ok so im getting pretty bored of my hair,and now that winters coming i think its time for a change.The colours already been done,now just for the style,im thinking either.....

A blunt fringe,I had this once before when my hair was much longer,i was loving it then,maybe id still love it now


A swept fringe...........

Ladies this is where you come in,You can scroll through my blog to see random pictures of me to help you decide,thanks girlie's

Cant wait to hear what you think

: )


  1. a blunt fringe is always a great idea.....until you actually do it. And then you're forever trimming it, unless you want to look like a giant idiot when every time you BLINK, your hair moves! They're high maintenance and for celebrities who are cracking on and want to try and knock off 10 years by attempting to look like asian school girls..

    also a severe lack of block fringes in Vogue this month.


  2. maybe I would love to see the 2nd more frizzy option on you, just because it gives you more volume in your hair and it softens up the face :)

  3. lol Emma,Ok im def swaying to the messy look swept fringe,i can kind of do it already,due to the previouse fringe growing out,I think I just need a little trim

  4. Vanessa Hudgens fringe can be worn as a swept one or as a full block fringe so maybe ask for something that you can wear as both when you get it cut?

  5. how about a clip in fringe so u can have more choice? x



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