7 September 2009

Make up storage

So it was clear it was time for me to jump on the makeup storage band wagon,until now,makeup has been dotted around my room,but now its all in one place.

No more crushing bronzer into my cream carpet......

so here goes,i took a trip to WHsmiths today to pick up some boxes for my room

heres what i got....

I really didnt want this colour,but the green one had pink on it too,which i didnt like either,ahh well,it does the job

All my makeup is safely tucked away

I also came accross this

I came accross this in TKmaxx on sale for £4,i was sick of hanging things over my mirror all the time,so i thought why not,cant go wrong for £4

I also store some of my bracelets in this basket my mum got

lol,im slowly loving my room,it has a real boutique feel

Hope you enjoyed reading



  1. Wow 8 yrs and you're still so young! Go you! Nice to see love lasting so long. You're a lovely couple. xx

    My local TX Maxx doesn't do storage. I need to check out the Hammersmith branch if I get a chance to. I like the way you've stored everything.

  2. Thanks luvvie

    I found the tkmax thing by pure luck
    i never really go in there,try whsmiths

  3. lol,you know it.£14.99 was a bargain

    i wanted to get the same colour as the little box i got but they had sold out,so anoying

    Its all good though,once again,your blog has helped me out lol

  4. I love those boxes they are so pretty - I wish I had somewhere to put boxes like that :(

  5. I love that storage - i'm soon to jump on this bandwagon!

  6. I have only seen the green stroage boxes in whsmith same pattern but not in pink, this one is so much nicer! x


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