17 September 2009

Maybelline pulse perfection

I was dieing to try this,as i was wondering if it would really would work.At the moment i am addicted to maybelline collosal,cant get enough,but it seems maybelline always steps up their game when they bring out a new mascara

So heres the before and after......

you can clearly see this is before lol

And after........

Its definately given me some serious flutter appeal,but it is one to get the hang of....

You control the vibration as you hold down the button to keep it on,and release to stop.Im not sure whether the vibration did anything apart from tickle my eye slightly,I dont think it helped seperate my lashes
I found its best to let the wand do the work,as the first time I attempted to join in, and my lashes stuck together : (

However,the second time I used it,I seemed to have got the nack (yay)
and I achieved nicer results

All in all I think its a nice mascara if you wish to achieve a longer fuller lash look
You just have to get used to the feeling of letting the wand do the work

I dont think it will replace my collosal though...

The pulse perfection retails at around £14

Have you tried this mascara yet? what do you think



  1. Your lashes look so full afterwards! x

  2. I have to say I have been looking for a beauty blog, and found yours via the sitstahood links. And.. Thank you so much for this amazing blog. I have been searching for ages for makeup tips and someone to try beauty products before me and write about them. AND your lashes are sooo beautiful, I am jealous (and of your lovely eye color too!)

  3. aawww thank you soo much,glad you enjoy it,if theres ever anything you want tried before you buy let me know.xo


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