15 September 2009

Maybelline colour sensation...... It really is

So I was kindly sent the new maybelline pulse perfection mascara,and colour sensation lipppie by Natalie Kitcher Headsteam pr(thanks again,so kind)

This review Is going to be on the lipstick,colour sensation In 427 EXTATIC CORAL...

Now,I actually never wear lipstick,I only own 2 nude shades,I dont know why,but I have always thought I look a bit of a fool in It

I swear I have been converted,I was sent EXTATIC CORAL,At first glance I decided it was a browny colour with a slight reddish tint to it (mmm very descriptive lol)

I then smelt it,seriously I dont know why,but I did....
It smelt sweet,like sweets,so its definately not the usual lipstick smell.I ran into my bathroom to try it out,getting ready to look like a fool,but as I was applying it,I realised the colour was so natural and It complemented my skin tone very well.....

Its not even as red as this I think my camera picked it up differently
Its def more muted

My lips also feel moisturised,and there not sticky either
This is definately a wearable everyday shade and Im glad I was sent It to try,As of now I vow to try things im scared of,I never knew what I was missing out on

Ha,Just another exuse to go shopping....

I think Ive covered everything my little mind could think of
But if you have any questions,feel free to ask away

Until then,If your like me,and you have always been a bit scared of lipstick,Id say a shade like this one would be a safe place to start

Oh it cost £6.84 and at BOOTS at the moment its 3 for 2

: )



  1. That looks nice on you. Got your first 'blogging perk', I see? LOL

  2. you look gorgeous! I love this on you!! Color Sensational is super fabulous! I love them!!

  3. i love them too now,just ordered fatal red off boots : D

  4. i am soo bummed out i missed these when they were 3 for 2 >.<#

    i bought #108 'pink pearl' today; in LOVE with it!

  5. that lippy looks gorgeous on u lol


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