28 July 2009

Stretch your shoes with ice........or even your hairdryer!

Hey ladies,this is more of a tip i picked up ages ago.If your shoes are new,sometimes they need breaking in.You know just,wearing about the house for a while before you actually wear them out.

Well heres a tip i think you will appreciate..........Set your hairdryer to warm and heat up yhe inside of your shoe or(werever you want it to losen)

Wait 10 sec for it to cool,PLEASE DONT BURN YOUR FOOT.

Pop your foot in,the shoe will now mould to the shape of your foot.You may have to do this a couple of times for optimal results,but it definitly does work.

Secondly,you can stretch your shoes with ice
This works best on peep toe shoes,and apparently can stretch a shoe a half to whole size.WOW!

I have only used this meathod once to see if it worked,and i must say,it did.

What you do is get two sandwich bags

fill them up 1/4 of the way with water

place them right down inside your shoe,if your doing this on peep toe shoes,pull abit of the bag through the peep toe bit.

Now put them in the freezer

when the water is COMPLETELY FROZEN take the shoes out.

put them to one side for around 20min before you remove the bags

When you have removed the bags,dry your shoes and pop your foot in to see the difference.

you can always do it again if it hasnt worked the way you wanted.

But like i said.Im addicted to the first meathod,it really works on those pretty shoes that have the tandancy to rub.

Happy stretching


  1. Your 1st recommendation was AWESOME!!!! I actually heat up somce peep-toe heels that had print inside of "ALL MAN MADE MATERIAL" and it really worked! I also put them back on after using the blowdryer with a pair of thick white socks, which I think helped with the stretch a little more. Thank you so much for this post!

  2. i love to wear peep toe shoe which makes you comfortable in walk from toe to ankle it makes you comfortable..!!

  3. Found your tip by googling and it works, I have stretched a pair of all leather shoes, which worked straight away. I also had a go at a pair of mixed leather and non leather, took a bit more effort with the hairdryer and thick socks but it has worked, so thankyou very much, Gwen

  4. Thank you. After importing shoes from the US, I couldn't get me foot into them. The hair dryer method worked!! May need to repeat, but thank you.


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