28 July 2009


I love my mascara

You have probably seen it around,its the best thing i have ever used,i will be reviewing it shortly.

But to get back on track,i love my mascara,but i hate that it tends to always dry out when im kinda broke.It actually isnt expensive,so i could just go out and get another.But like every woman,i choose to hold onto it and make it last instead.

so heres a couple tips for you all

NEVER PUMP your mascara,ALWAYS TWIST.pumping lets in excess air which dries the mascara out.

And if your mascara has dried out,but deep down you know theres lots inside.

Heat up some water in the kettle.

let it slightly cool

pour some into a mug or any other heat resistant item,like a jug or something.

pop yor mascara into the water,LID ON!

leave for 15-20 min

take your mascara out

and you should be ready to go

the hot water should bring the mascara back to its natural consistancy.

so if your like me and you want to make your mascara last,try it.

let me know how you get on.x


  1. hmmmm i think i might really try this after i've used up all my current mascaras... haha, i went from 1 mascara in 1 month, to about 5 and about another 4 in sample sizes... =_= i like mascaras, i do, i do, i do... still haven't found my HG mascara though, sadly enough...

  2. I love this mascara,but im now in love with a loreal one

  3. Do you recommend this over the falsies? Or do you know a better mascara? Thanks hun :o) xxx

  4. Illegal lengths is supposed to be really good, and I do prefer Collosal over Falsies.x


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